Who are we, really?

Our country and the world go through a very different process. The emerging new dynamics and pioneering shocks of economic and political spectrum are like the footsteps of the fact that the present structural system in the world will be replaced by a great destruction. This process is triggered by the fact that the developing countries cannot be stopped while the West is moving towards the veiled fascism, which is its own reality. As countries such as Turkey, Russia and China grow and join forces and resist the status quo, the docile masks of the Western countries fall and take their place in the wilderness. It is obvious that this process and its result are not very bright. The future of Europe, in which twenty-eight different countries have fused into a narrow continent and make cooperation for their interest, is dragged into an unknown darkness under the influence of racist rhetoric. At this point, the antagonism of Turkey has turned into a more precious argument than in history. While racist parties fill the bottom of immigrant policies they dislike with anti-Turkish rhetoric, they are enjoying the increasing interest of the voters who are struggling with the economic tides towards fascist approaches. Therefore, this opposition has reached the level of hostility or even hatred. I am convinced that the Western country leaders should now see that it is vitally important to stop this irrational trend immediately. Otherwise, it is an unquestionable fact that the world is rapidly dragged into an unexpected adventure.


We are a nation that always adopt peace and fraternity because of our national politics, as well as national and spiritual values ​​that we believe in. I can say it clearly: Turkey is the only country that takes place without any interests and anticipations besides oppressed and overwhelmed people in the world. I think it would be more accurate to say "unfortunately" to this painful picture than to be proud of my country when I am doing a situational investigation. Unfortunately, it is not possible for my beautiful country to stand alone against the current unjust and exploitative system in the world. The only thing that is pleasing here is that some people in the world are still able to raise their voice bluntly against the entire tyranny of this brutal system.


We cannot ignore that when our country is so precious and important to the world's oppressed, we must always be strong and stable. Let us remember that oppressed people in Bosnia, Azerbaijan, Somalia, Palestine and many other parts of the world were subjected to great cruelty and massacres while Turkey was struggling with political turmoil. The stability of Turkey has been a hope for them to have breathe and life. It is very important that Turkey, which is the home for homeless person, should not be drowned in shallow and unfounded domestic political debates. For this reason, we must see in a neutral way that our country should have a long-term, predictable, stable state system.


I sincerely wish that the decision that our people will give freely will bring goodness to our country. As a nation, we will be brothers for millennia, and we will continue to be brothers. Instead of separating, we will unite and bring our hearts and desires together more closely. Neither the Balkans are far from us, nor the Middle East is stranger, nor the Caucasus is strange, nor the African is foreigner, nor the Central Asian is wild, nor the Far Asia is alienated for us. They are all our souls, they are all companions. We do not separate anyone from the other, we cannot do this. We are brothers of oppressed, weak and orphans. Here we are. We are Turkey like this.


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