From a dream to reality

It all starts with dreaming. A father looks at his little child and dreams of how a person he will become when he grows up. A business man imagines and conceives before investing. A film is neither animated without being pictured in the mind of a director, nor a book without being fictionalized in that of an author, or a match in the mind of a coach. It is not possible to start anything without dreaming it. Every single revolutionary object or phenomenon which has ever been realized in the world bears the traces of a dreamer or genius who dreamed of it. That’s why “imagination is more important than information” as said by the famous physicistAlbert Einstein.

We, as LASIAD, dreamed of something exactly eight years ago. It was something that had never been suggested or attempted up until then. We envisaged a whole new project at a time when the bran perception of Laleli was called into question. Eight years later, the project, which was an utopianroughcast for that time, turned into a major event where Lalelitakes a place in the world’s showcase. The dream of that day has become one of the most valuable assets of today. This dream is the 8th Laleli Fashion Shopping Festival, which took place from August 5th to 9th, 2019.  

With this festival the eight of which was held this year, Laleli set sail for brand new horizons in terms of both fashion and trade. The festival provided a different experience to us through the professional buyers coming to Laleli from many different countries of the world. Laleli has proved and sealed once again that it is the largest outdoor fashion and shopping hub of the world, like I always say.  

In this type of events, the most important aspect is, no doubt, sustainability. We have managed to stand on fearlessly and tirelessly in the face of many challenges gone through by our nation and hit our region over the last ten years, including the aircraft crisis, the attempted coup, economic attacks, exchange wars, terrorist actions and long election periods etc.In doing this, we aimed to both strengthen our region and give moral support and motivation to our tired nation. Every project that we realize today is a heritage for the future of Laleli. This kind of events, particularly the festival, are important signature appended to have a more stable and profitable trade. For this reason, I would like to indicate that we make much of this event.  

This festival, which is critical to the unity and solidarity, future, commercial and touristic potential of Laleli, is highly precious for the brand value of our country and Istanbul. Having been included the fashion and festival calendars of the world, this major event gives us to chance not nly to promote Laleli but also widen the commercial viewpoint of ourneighborhood. I hope that the buyers who will discover Lalelifor the first time will put signature to important partnerships tolast for long years. We will build a commercial vision that will raise the bar of Laleli together creating important business contacts. From a dream to reality, this important event will provide very valuable contributions to the mission and vision of future of Laleli.   

Unfortunately, this country is full of festivals that werestarted but unable to be sustained.  Each event that cannot be sustained is, far from having provisional contributions, a kind of damage deep down due to the fear and concerns it gives about future. 

Every job implausible and not well turned over in the mind is condemned to fail. From this point of view, this event of Laleli and LASIAD is a source of pride for every individual in Laleli. We achieve this and live the joy and excitement of it together. 

Putting Laleli on the map, this event, as a result, is a domino creating an added value for all companies, from the smallest to the largest. Therefore, one of the most precious works of art that we, as LASIAD, will entrust to the future of Laleli is it. 

We, as Laleli, felt and lived once again, what uniting and joining hands mean. On this wise, here, I express my deepest gratitude towards all those who support us and our festival from the very first day until today. I extend my most sincere thanks, from the bottom of my heart, to all my friends who had faith in us and walked together with us on this.    


Giyasettin Eyyüpkoca

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