Askeri alanda düzenlemeler içeren kanun teklifinin 14 maddeden oluşan birinci bölümü kabul edildi

According to the accepted articles of the proposal, which was discussed in two parts as the Basic Law, in order to benefit from the longer professional experience of the personnel in the rank of petty officer, senior sergeant major, the rank age limit of 55 has been increased to the relevant force command, Gendarmerie, for personnel who are distinguished among their peers and whose service is needed and willing. It can be extended until the age of 60 by the Minister of National Defense or the Minister of Internal Affairs upon the proposal of the General Command or the Coast Guard Command or ex officio, depending on the interest.

As a result of the measures taken and to be taken in the Syrian border units, the personnel assigned to Hatay and Gaziantep will be exempt from the maximum periods for which temporary duty days will be given.

Ministry of National Defense personnel who are temporarily assigned as reinforcements in operational activities within the scope of the fight against terrorism in first-degree critical provinces and districts will also benefit from this right without being subject to any time limit.

Due to the closure of the Military Academies and Gülhane Military Medical Academy, relevant harmonization arrangements will be made and the seniority given to the personnel as a result of the training given to the affiliates will be rearranged, taking into account the organizational structure of the newly established National Defense University.

Reserve petty officer position will also be added to the active-duty officer resources for the Turkish Armed Forces.

The conditions to be sought for those who apply for the transition from reserve petty officer to active-duty petty officer, the selection exams to which they will be subjected, and the principles regarding basic military training will be regulated by the regulation.

The rank age limit of personnel transitioning from petty officer to officer will be increased

Within the scope of the Turkish Armed Forces Personnel Law, early departure from the Turkish Armed Forces will be prevented due to the rank age limits of personnel who move from petty officer to officer. In order to benefit these personnel for a longer period of time, the rank age limits will be increased.

The rank and age limit for the personnel in question; It will be 49 for lieutenants and first lieutenants, 55 for captains, 56 for majors, 57 for lieutenant colonels, and 60 for colonels.

In order to increase the preferability of military medicine, additional health care compensation will be paid to doctors and dentists employed in the Turkish Armed Forces, Gendarmerie General Command, Coast Guard Command and Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy. In addition, health services compensation will be paid to medical petty officers who actually serve in the units participating in the anti-terrorism operation in first-degree critical provinces.

Additional right to apply for inter-status transfer exams

Due to the headquarters officer training, officers who have completed their command and headquarters officer education and received one year of seniority; Officers who graduated from the closed Armed Forces Higher Command and Administration Academy and received one year of seniority will not be given additional seniority due to joint command and staff training.

Among the officers who completed their education at the closed Force War Academies and were approved as staff, only those who completed the joint command and staff training given at the Joint Warfare Institute of the National Defense University will be given an additional year of seniority.

In order to benefit more effectively from the experience of personnel serving in different statuses in the Turkish Armed Forces and to increase their professional motivation, the right to additionally apply for transition exams between statuses will be given.

Military students’ allowances will be increased according to current conditions. Students of the Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy and the Police Vocational School, for whom military student tuition is stipulated in the relevant laws, will also benefit from this increase.

In order to benefit from the longer-term professional experience of personnel with the rank of petty officer senior sergeant serving in the Gendarmerie General Command and Coast Guard Command, the rank age limit of 55 has been increased to 60 years of age for personnel who have stood out among their peers and whose service is needed and willing, upon the proposal of the relevant command or by the Minister of Internal Affairs. may be extended to .

Contracted employment at the Presidency of Defense Industries

Contracted personnel can be employed in the Presidency of Defense Industries, regardless of the provisions of the Civil Servants Law and other laws regarding the employment of contracted personnel. These personnel will work in 4/C status within the scope of the Social Security and General Health Insurance Law. Net wages of the personnel, gross contract wages to be determined not to exceed the net salary paid to first-degree defense industry experts, education, foreign language knowledge and other conditions, recruitment, examination and exceptions, contract period, procedures and principles, duties, powers and obligations and termination of contracts will be determined by the President.

In projects approved by the Defense Industry Executive Committee under the Presidency of Defense Industries or by the committee member to whom authority has been delegated, the fees will be covered directly from the Defense Industry Support Fund; concept creation, R&D, design, prototyping, development, modernization, manufacturing, acceptance and inspection

In order to develop modern defense industry products and services such as verification, testing, certification, logistics and similar services, people who have special knowledge and expertise and are not public servants can be employed for a period not exceeding 3 years. If the project is not completed within this period, employment may be extended for one-year periods.

Personnel working under this provision will be considered insured within the scope of Article 4/A of the Social Security and General Health Insurance Law.

Matters regarding the employment of these personnel, net wages, including any payments to be made, cannot exceed seven times the contract wage ceiling applied for those employed in accordance with Article 4B of the Civil Servants Law.

On the date the regulation comes into force, the employment of those working as contracted personnel at the Presidency of Defense Industries will continue, without prejudice to all payments made within the scope of financial and social rights.

At the General Assembly, after the articles in the first part of the proposal were accepted, discussions began on the second part.