“LASİAD held its 10th Ordinary General Assembly”

The Laleli Industrialists and Business People Association (LASİAD) held its 10th Ordinary General Assembly on June 17th, Monday, at Crown Plaza Hotel. The general assembly meeting, which started with the opening speech of LASİAD President Gıyasettin Eyyüpkoca, continued with the screening of LASİAD’s ‘Activity Film.’

Adnan Danışman was elected as the Chairman of the Assembly, Şenol Aras as a Member of the Board, and Zübeyir Arı as the Secretary Member. The General Assembly continued with the reading and voting on activity, audit, balance sheet, and budget reports; and the election of the members for the Board of Directors, Auditing Committee, and Discipline Committee.


In the election, which was entered with a single list, Gıyasettin Eyyüpkoca, receiving all the votes of the attendees, won the 10th Term Board Presidency.

After the election of the boards, Eyyüpkoca, in his thank-you speech, addressed the general assembly, saying, ‘Respected Chairman of the Board, esteemed Board members, esteemed ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank each and every one of you. On this warm day, on the first day of the week, you came here without hesitation. I have a sentence that I always say, and I will continue to emphasize it. Civil society organizations are the alms of your belief. It is the charity of your money and property. I take steps according to that, and I ask you to take steps accordingly. We were elected on your behalf, and we are the people here on your behalf. In everything we do, we ask for your support. You foresaw and accepted this support. On behalf of myself and the Board, I thank you.

“The concept of primary and backup has never existed in our management setup.”

Eyyüpkoca also addressed the distinguished individuals who have been nurtured within LASİAD for years in his speech, stating, “I want to emphasize this by saying, as those who have previously served in our Board know very well, the concept of primary and backup has never existed in our Board of Directors. It will not exist in the future either. We are a Board of Directors with 26 members, 6 members of the audit board, and in addition to these, we elect 5 individuals as Disciplinary Board Members. Only associations are required by law to have such a provision, but it is not applicable to our organization.

The names elected to the LASİAD boards in the new term are as follows;

Board Members;

  1. Gıyasettin Eyyüpkoca
  2. Muhammed Sancaktar
  3. Ercan Hardal
  4. Ercan Çelik
  5. Ahmet Turan
  6. İrfan Akbaş
  7. Erdem Soylu Karabağlı
  8. İbrahim Murat Ramizoğlu
  9. İsmail Dark
  10. Murat Eraslan
  11. Süleyman Kaya
  12. İhsan Bıyıkbeyi
  13. Yakup Samsama
  14. Coşkun Melengiç
  15. Turan Yavuz
  16. Cebrail Karaaslan
  17. Rıfat Opan
  18. Birol Fırat
  19. Hasan Bulut
  20. Corc Bekdaş
  21. Ahmet Ceylan
  22. Çein Altındağ
  23. Sebahattin Demir
  24. Mehmet Özbayrak
  25. Bülent Koca
  26. Mert Karaca
  27. Şerafettin Yüzüak

Audit Board Members:

  1. Metin Görür
  2. Mehmet Ocaklı
  3. Tarık Nayman
  4. Gökhan Karabulut
  5. M. Muhammet Yaşar
  6. Zülfi Koç

Disciplinary Board Members:

  1. İbrahim M. Ramizoğlu
  2. Bilal Varlık
  3. Erdoğan Avit
  4. Gazi Naci Polat
  5. Zübeyir Arı

At the end of the general assembly meeting, plaques were presented to the members who served on the Board of Directors, Audit Board, and Disciplinary Board during the 2017-19 term.