Limited rise in global markets

Global markets are having an optimistic day. Although there is no significant news flow, US futures and Asian stock markets are on a positive note, albeit limited, after the US stock markets closed on a positive note yesterday.

While the new day in which treasury auctions will be followed, dollar/TL started at 6.85, euro/TL opened at 7.71. The Treasury will issue fixed-coupon bonds with a maturity of 3 years (938 days) and CPI-indexed bonds with a maturity of 5 years (1,820 days).

The stock market opened above 115 thousand points after 4 months

BIST 100 index at Borsa Istanbul increased by 0.48 percent at the opening, reaching 115,740.98 points. Thus, BIST 100 Index opened above 115 thousand points for the first time after February 25. The banking index increased by 0.56 percent and the holding index increased by 0.42 percent. Among the sector indices, the one that gained the most was textile and leather with 1.42 percent, and the one that decreased the most was sports with 2.96 percent.

Trump’s advisor stirred the markets

While Asian stock markets fluctuated sharply after the White House’s confusing statements regarding the US-China trade agreement, US President Donald Trump later calmed the markets by saying that the agreement “remains valid”.

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro says the trade deal with China is ‘terminated’
Risk appetite in Asian stock markets took a hit after Navarro said that the agreement
China gave a timely warning about the coronavirus outbreak as a reason for ending
showed its absence.

Stock markets went into sales in response to Navarro’s statements, but
He quickly recovered after Navarro said his statements were misunderstood.
Trump said on Twitter: “The trade agreement with China is valid in all its details.”
protecting. “We hope they will act in accordance with the agreement,” he said. Trump’s statement hit nerves.

Oil prices are following a horizontal trend

Oil prices in international markets are following a horizontal course this morning, following the rise yesterday with signs that demand is slowly recovering after the coronavirus crisis.

Exxon Mobil Australia President Nathan Fay, in his statement at the energy conference organized by Credit Suisse in Australia, said that it was seen that oil prices, which collapsed with the effect of the measures taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus, started to show “the shoots of recovery”.

Reminding that the end of quarantine and isolation measures taken for coronavirus in the USA and other countries of the world supported oil prices, analysts also argued that the decline in the number of oil and gas wells to record low levels in the USA and Canada also supported the prices. As of 0815, Brent oil is trading at $43.03 a barrel, while US crude oil is trading at $40.58.

Gold is near 1-month high

Gold fell due to expectations that the euro zone manufacturing PMI would rise, but
Near the highest level in more than a month on concerns about a second wave of coronavirus
continues to remain.

The ounce price of gold in the spot market was at $1,762.84 yesterday, the highest since May 18.
After hitting the high, it traded down 0.2 percent today at $1,750.75.