President Erdoğan: We said, ‘If you attack our Oruç Reis, you will pay a heavy price for it’ and they received the first answer.

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President and AK Party Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke at the 19th Foundation Anniversary program of the AK Party at the 75th Year Cumhuriyet Amphitheater and Culture Center in Mamak, Ankara.

President Erdoğan said, “The AK Party was born from the aspirations and demands of our nation. The AK Party is a party that relies only on our nation.” said.

Expressing his gratitude on behalf of himself, his family and the nation to those who have served in the ranks of the AK Party since its establishment, devoted their hearts to the party and defended the cause of the AK Party, Erdoğan also wished God’s mercy to those who passed away from their brothers with whom he walked the road in the past 19 years.

“May God bless everyone who has been praying sincerely for the success of the AK Party for 19 years in Turkey and around the world.” Erdoğan said that the party was founded by aiming for the consent of Allah, the support of the nation, the prayers of the ummah and the love of humanity, and that it has remained with the same understanding until today.

“Our responsibility is directly to the nation”

Stating that the founder of the party is the nation itself, Erdoğan said, “Everyone who assumes duties at all levels of our party, especially myself, knows that their responsibility is directly to the nation and acts accordingly. In this period, as throughout history, those who see the miracle in themselves, those who leave the path of serving the nation and pursue their personal ambitions.” “Of course it happened, but all of them had to face this reality in a very short time and take their place on the dusty shelves of political history.” he said.

Erdoğan stated that the AK Party, with its actions and stance since its establishment, has the identity of a party that realizes the dreams of the Turkish nation, revives the hopes of a whole ummah, and opens new doors for humanity.

Pointing out that today, the AK Party, in addition to being the architect of Turkey’s last 18 years, also aspires to the future of the country with its 2023 goals, 2053 and 2071 visions, Erdoğan continued his words as follows:

“There is no other political organization with a vision, a goal, a project or a program other than the AK Party regarding the future of our country and nation. The only policy of the main opposition and other parties of the same front is to attack the AK Party, and their only promise is to bring down Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. “Our nation will not give credence to this vicious mentality from now on, as it has done for 19 years.” he said.

Stating that great marches have shaped human history, Erdoğan said:

“The walk of the Prophet Abraham from Harran to Palestine is such a walk. The walk of the Prophet Moses from Egypt to the shores of the Red Sea is such a walk. The walk of the Prophet from Mecca to Medina is such a walk that changed the course of history. The saints of Khorasan to Anatolia, His march to the Balkans and into Europe enabled the climate of love and tolerance to spread in these towns. It is thanks to these great marches that the sun of civilization enveloped the geography we live in. Sultan Alparslan to the Manzikert Plain, Fatih Sultan Mehmet to the walls of Istanbul, Yavuz Sultan Selim to the Sinai Desert. “The marches to ‘ne have become symbols of great changes.”

“The heart of the Selçuks, the conscience of the Ottomans, the mind of the Republic”

Emphasizing that the AK Party aspires to be the representative of the great cause of civilization that started with the first human, Prophet Adam, Erdoğan made the following evaluations:

“Those who set their hearts on this cause have struggled to protect the rights of all the oppressed people on earth. Our ancestors, who have been the standard bearers of this blessed march in our geography for 1000 years, have sweated for centuries to establish peace, brotherhood and justice in 3 continents and 7 climates. Our movement, our cause, is based on the word of God above all else.” and took his Prophet, who was sent as a mercy to the worlds.

Our movement has drunk heavily from all the sweet springs of our civilization, from Ahmet Yesevi to Mevlana, from Hacı Bektaş-ı Veli to Yunus Emre, from Fuzuli to Ahmedi Hani, from Mehmet Akif to many sultans of the heart, and has been fed by those fertile springs. . This movement, this cause is the heart of the Seljuks, the conscience of the Ottomans, the mind of the Republic. “Our nation has determined such a direction for our march.”

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Erdoğan stated that they continue their political journey, which they started with the slogan “Nothing will ever be the same again”, hand in hand and heart to heart, with more than 10.5 million members.

“We set out with prayers”

“We say the same thing today as we did 19 years ago. The AK Party was born from the aspirations and demands of our nation.” Erdoğan said:

“AK Party is a party that relies only on our nation. Our nation kneaded the yeast of the AK Party. Our nation kneaded the dough of the AK Party. The fabric of the AK Party was woven by the nation. That is why the fruits of all our efforts and the abundance of all our successes belong to our country and our nation. We pray. We set out on the road and we continue in the same way. The main thing for us is to walk hand in hand with our nation on this blessed path. As Yunus said (The path is the one that leads to the right path, the eye is the one that sees the Truth, the man is the one who stands low, not the eye that looks from high) .”

Stating that the sign that the AK Party is the party of the nation is that it has managed to come out first in every election it has entered since November 2002, Erdoğan said, “We thank our Lord for not embarrassing us and our nation.” he said.

Erdoğan continued by stating that the path of the AK Party was drawn by the nation, which had experienced the bitter experiences of political and economic crises for many years, and that its name was given by the nation, and continued as follows:

“(Human memory is impaired by nisyan) they say. We should never forget what Turkey has gone through since August 14, 2001. Especially after the elections of November 3, 2002, the games played to turn the AK Party into a party that governed but could not come to power. We must always keep this in mind. We remember like yesterday how a handful of horny minorities, who thought they were above the nation and the owner of the country, gathered from the bureaucracy to the media and the business world, setting traps for us from every corner. How we were left subject to constant crises from everywhere, from the Supreme Military Council meetings to the invitations of the president of the period. “We know. It is still before our eyes how we are being forced into a corner with provocative murders.”

“We will reveal it when the time comes”

Pointing out that the “One minute” incident in Davos was a symbol of the AK Party’s struggle for the oppressed and victimized being voiced at the highest pitch in the international arena, Erdoğan said:

“We know very well what those who were there with us said when they left that hall. Now they have formed a party. Do you know what they were saying? ‘We are burned now.’ Why? Why did we say ‘One minute’… Against whom did we say it? That is obvious, against Israel’s waste. The time will come, we will reveal some things very clearly. We will reveal them together with the witnesses, and my nation will know who are the ones who are worried about this nation’s problems. “But there is time. Despite those who tried to stop every democracy move we started, we continued on our way, working with hearts like a hoop. We were patient, we persevered, we worked, we found a way, we paved the way, we always went forward and thank God, we were rewarded for our efforts one by one.”

Emphasizing that despite this, the traps laid in front of them and the attacks they were subjected to did not end, Erdoğan said, “They loaded them with every material they could get their hands on from all sides. With the internal turmoil in Syria, the games played on our country have moved to a new dimension. Now they are much tougher, much more insidious inside and outside.” “We were entering into a period of sometimes bloody struggle.” he said.

“They unleashed all terrorist organizations on us”

Reminding that some people tried to occupy the streets with the Gezi events, usurp the national will with the 17/25 December police-judiciary coup, and divide neighborhoods with pothole actions, Erdoğan said:

“They unleashed all terrorist organizations, from PKK to DAESH, against us in the most ferocious manner. When these were not enough, they attempted a coup on July 15. We responded to these attacks with the operations we carried out in Northern Iraq, Syria, Libya and the Eastern Mediterranean. We gave our answer to them in the language they understand. We did so today and said to them: ‘Look, do not attack our Oruç Reis, if you attack our Oruç Reis, you will pay a heavy price for it.’ “We said, and today they got the first answer. They put the economy, which is the invisible dagger of every attack, into play more strongly in the triangle of exchange rate, interest and inflation. We strengthened our economy by taking the necessary measures in this regard.”

Erdoğan said that what happened during the new type of coronavirus epidemic clearly reveals the importance of the infrastructure that Turkey has in every field, from education to health, from transportation to agriculture.

“AK Party is a party that speaks with works”

Stating that the AK Party has always been a party that has always talked with numbers, services and the works it has opened one after another, Erdogan said that they not only dreamed of dreams for Turkey, but also turned dreams into reality one by one.

Erdoğan stated that they increased the education budget, which they took over with 8.7 billion liras, including higher education, to 131 billion liras, and that a total of 324 thousand classrooms were added to schools during their rule.

Recalling his meeting with then-IMF President Strauss-Kahn at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2009, Erdoğan explained what happened in the meeting as follows:

“I told him, ‘You are the head of the IMF, and I am the head of Turkey.’ Therefore, you can follow up on Turkey’s debt in all kinds of ways, your staff come and go separately, but you cannot give orders at a political point. It belongs to us. Do you receive the installments? Therefore, it is never possible to give political direction, we are Turkey. At that time, our debt to the IMF was 22.5 billion dollars. We canceled the debt to the IMF in May 2013. We no longer have any debt to the IMF. How did it happen? “It happened with the stance we took on the interest rate issue. We finished the job. We do not have any debt to the IMF at the moment. The main opposition has come out and says ‘borrow from the IMF’. That is your business, we have no such business, we have no problems. We say ‘we are enough for ourselves’ “We have been enough until today, and we will be enough from now on.”

“National income per capita reached 9 thousand 127 dollars”

Stating that Turkey did not even know the way to international direct investments before 2002, Erdoğan stated that they brought the country to the level of attracting 23 billion dollars of international investment in just one year.

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Reminding that they increased the Central Bank’s total reserves from 27.5 billion dollars to 135 billion dollars, Erdoğan said:

“But now there is a decline. We are at a figure of 90-odd, hopefully we will recover again. Likewise, the power of our Central Bank will provide a much different return. In May 2013, when the Gezi events started, the Central Bank’s policy rate was only 4.5 percent I draw your attention specifically to this date. I call the period from 2013 to the present as the ‘period of struggle.’ The direct and indirect effects of each attack we experienced during this period had a heavy price on our country.

While interest rates and inflation rose to double digits again, economic growth lost some momentum. However, thank God, we have ensured that our economy continues on its way in a stronger way with the determined steps we have taken. As a matter of fact, when we compare it with the end of 2019, we are many times higher than 2002 in every field. “Our national income increased from 236 billion dollars to 754 billion dollars, and our per capita national income increased from 3 thousand 500 dollars to 9 thousand 127 dollars.”